Proper Islamic/Quranic Method of doing Istikhara-How to do a Istikhara for marriage/lover

Proper Islamic/Quranic Method of doing Istikhara-How to do a Istikhara for marriage/lover

Today in this post I will let you know the Proper Islamic/Quranic Method of doing Istikhara-How to do a Istikhara for marriage/lover. You need to follow the process carefully and you will get the proper Istikhara for your wish.

In this video, you can see the proper methods of doing an Ishtikhara from Quran. If you still have any doubts then i will post the method under you can see from there too.

The most effective method to complete an Istikhara

In each nation, you can discover the Istikhara dua yet nobody discloses how to do it precisely. There is no Hadis disclosing how to do it precisely and how often to peruse the dua. Just Aulia Allah clarify this.

This is the means by which you do it. Initially change your first name into Arabic and the discover the added (numerical esteem) of your first name from this site.

Assume your name is Mohammad and quantities of Mohammad are 92. You will include all the added like this


elif ا1Y/ ي10qaf ق100
 bayب2kaf ك20ra ر200
cim ج3lam ل30šin ش300
dal د4mim م40ta ت400
 Ha ه5nun ن50sa ث500
Va و6seen س60 خ600
Zey ز7ain ع70zal ذ700
 Ha ح8fa ف80ḍad ض800
 ط9sad ص90 ظ900
    ġ غ1000

Consequently the aded/numerical estimation of Mohammad are 2. Mohamad will read the Istikhara dua 2 times.

to begin with do crisp wudu and complete 2 rakat Tahayatul Wudu Salah. After salam read

Darood/salavat 3 times

at that point read Surah Fatiha 3 times

at that point Darood/salavat 3 times…..then

Complete 2 rakat nafal for Itikhara and Istianat( help) from Allah. This is the niyet of the nafal.

In the first rakat, you will read Surah Kafirun once. In the second rakat Surah Ikhlas once.

After salam, you will read the Istikhara dua 5 times altogether.

In the dua there two spots where a word comes ..hazal amre… ..when you have perused this word you should complete a dua like this

“Ya Allah I need to wed Mr/Miss X”

The word comes twice in each dua. Each time in the wake of understanding it you should state the above dua in a boisterous voice. Sufficiently boisterous that you can hear yourself.

Try not to state … .would I be able to wed Mr/Miss X?

In the wake of perusing the dua for 5 times. Read Darood/salavat 3 times.

You should do the Istikhara 7 days relentless after any Salah. In any case, once you do it after a specific Salah, do it after each same Salah.

Regardless of whether you see a fantasy simply overlook it. Try not to BELIEVE ANY DREAM.

You should do it 7 days. Following 7 days whatever is beneficial for you will happen and if it’s terrible for you, you won’t do it consequently.

On the off chance that for any reason you can’t compute the numerical estimation of your name simply read istikhara dua 9 times each day.

By no means quit doing the Itikhara after you see a fantasy. You should finish 7 days.

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