Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Wazifa

Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Wazifa, Kisi ki shadi rokne ki dua

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Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Wazifa, Kisi ki shadi rokne ki dua Shadi ek aisa rishta hai jo do log ek pak rishte mai bandhte hai. Par kuch waqt baad dekha gaya hai. Kafi baar dono ke man mutav ho jata hai jo ki kafi baar bhaynak roop le leta hai. Shadi ek insaan ki jindagi ka sabse jaruri kadam hota hai. Is kism ke rishte ko bhut hi sujh bhujh or imandari se nibhana chaheye.

Kayi baar log kisi dabav mai akar ya parivar wale ke kahne par aise insaan se shadi kar lete hain. Jisko na to vo pasand karte or na hi jis par vo chah kar bhi vishvas kar sakte. Is tarah ki suituation mai apko na chahte hue bhi ek din apna rishta khatam karna hota hai. Jindagi ke is mod par apko jarurat hai Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Wazifa, Kisi ki shadi rokne ki dua ki taki do jindagi kharab na ho.

Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Amal

Jab apko maloom ho ki ap kisi or se pyar karte hain or jahaan apki shadi ho rahi hai usko ap chah kar bhi kush ni rakh payenge ya ap kisi or ko pasand karte hai par kisi mazboori mai apko aisi shadi karni pad rahi hai jisko ap pasand ni karte to aise mai apko kabhi bhi aisa rishta ni banana chaheye jis se apki or apke sath kayi jindagi kharab ho.

Ager ap bhi aisi kisi suituation mai fase hue hain to ap  Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Wazifa kar ke aisi mushkil se nikal sakte hain. Ye Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Wazifa, Kisi ki shadi rokne ki dua khas tor par aisi jagah kiya jata hai jahaan ap kisi pareshan karne wale relationship mai anne wale ho.

Aise mod par jab do log aa jate hain jahan vo nirash ho jate hain or unko kuch samjh mai na aa raha ho ki kya kiya jaye aise jagah par Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka amal  bhi kiya ja sakta hai Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Wazifa . Ye wazifa or Amal bhut hi asan hain karne ke liye or in wazifa ki madad se bhut se log aise rishte se bhar aaye hain jahaan na to vo kudh kush the or na hi unka partener.

Kisi Ki Shadi Ko Todne Ki Dua

Ager ap is tarah ki mushkil mai fase hue hain to apko Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Amal, ke bare mai jayada jankari ni hai apko jarurat hai iske bare mai jayada jan ne ki. Apko is amal ko karne se pahle jayada se jayada islamic tarike ki jankari hona jaruri hai fir ap us raste par chal kar is musibat ka hal pa sakte hain.

Ap is Amal ko apni suvidha ke hisabh se kabhi bhi kar sakte hain;

Sahi tarike se ek wuzu banaye;

Sabse pahle durood shareef padhe;

Sipara no: 23 Surat Yaseen ayat no: 82 ko fajar ki namaz k bad 101 bar parhen.

Discuss Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Wazifa, Kisi ki Shadi rokene ki dua for around 41 times;

Again discuss Durood Shareef.

In 5 asan kadmo ki madad se ap is Amal ko khatam kar sakte hain. Ap Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji  se contact kar sakte hai Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ki Dua pane ke liye. Uske baad apko is amal ko karne ke baad Inshaa Allah jarur madad milegi kisi ki shadi todne mai.

Ager apki mangni kahi ho gayi hai. Ap vaha par shadi ni karna chahte.Kisi or ko pasand karte hain or vahan par ap shadi karna chahte ho. Because apko pata hai ap uske bina kush ni rah sakte. To apko is Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ki Dua se madad milegi. Or apki shadi tutne ke baad ap us insaan se nikah kar sakte hain jise ap chahte hain.

Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ka Totke

Kisi ki Shadi todna ka totka . Beside that ap Islamic totko ki  madad se ap kisi ki bhi shadi tudva sakte hai. Jaise ap kisi se pyar karte ho or vo apko dhokha de kar kisi or se shadi kar raha ho. Ya kisi dabav mai kisi se shadi kar raha ho to ap is Kisi ki Shadi todna ka totka ki madad le sakte hain .

Par apko jarurat hai in sabhi totko ko sahi tarike se karne ki. Varna apko man chahe parinaam ni milenge.

ye totke bhut hi jayada faydemand or jaruri kism ke totke hain. Jin se apko man chahe parinaam mil sakte hain. Par apko sirf jarurat hai sahi tarike se in totko ko karne ki. Ager ap in totko ke bare mai jayada jan na chahte hain. To most importantly ap Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji  se rabta kar sakte hain.

Love problem solution

Love problem solution

We all know’s that love the best feeling which any one can get in his entire life. This is the precious gift of god given to the man kind. But the other fact is that love is full of complications like miss understanding, fights, loosing trust, cheating, back stabbing. and because of such issues peoples looses their love. After loosing their love they don’t likes anything else their behaviour towards other family and friends changes suddenly. they some times starts hurting themselves for no reasons. They wants that person whom they loved in their life at any cost.

Love problem solution wazifa

love problem solution wazifa is referred to reciting and practice some verses or phrases to get solution of love problem. Their is different type of love problem solution  wazifa‘s which used in different type of love problem . No needs to worry Molana Bakhtawar Ali ji will give you the exact wazifa which suites to your problems. If you are a muslim then you must be knowing that before starting practicing any wazifa you need to take permission from an amil expert. Don’t worry molana ji is the one of the most experienced and famous astrologer.

Love problem solution dua problem solution Dua is the best thing to request god to solve your problem. As if you are watching this post the this is very clear that you must believe in the powers of god. god is the one because of whom we are alive and living our life. if you believes in god then don’t worry because he never lets his child to suffer in their life. love problem is the basic problem among teenagers. You need to think one thing if you loved some one then it must the gods wish then don’t worry Molana Bakhtawar Ali ji is one of the very experienced astrologer and he knows the appropriate method to solve your love problem by convincing allah tallah to listen to your problem by making dua to allah tallah.



Dua for Husband to Listen to His Wife

Dua for Husband to Listen to His Wife

You can arrive dua for husband to listen to his wife other and its exceptionally viable dua for a husband to listen to his wife painstakingly and adore him a considerable measure of. If any sister is facing any kind of issue with her husband then she can directly consult us. We will help you to improve your relationship with your husband and his family. On the off chance if your husband is not listening to you then utilize dua for my husband to love me. Its intense Islamic dua for a husband to listen to his wife. Commonly we attempt to discover best dua for a spouse to love me then for it you can use beneath dua which will work quick and prompt after some time you will get results.

You can start practising below dua for a husband to listen to his wife and love her for it this dua should be used for 41 times daily and must be used for 33 days. When you use then you should have to make dua for husband and pray to Allah for making everything good.

Dua for Husband to Listen to His Wife

Dua for Husband to Listen to His Wife

Dua is an awesome approach to send your issues to Allah to get solved. Above dua is viable to fathom your significant other spouse relationship related obstructions in Islam. In the event that your spouse is not loyal/faithful and you need to draw in your significant other towards you then it will conceivable with dua for a husband to tune in. Commonly a spouse is not listening to their significant other due it a wife not getting content with wedded life. You realize that a couple is a sweet bond which is given by Allah. Every last couple of Islamic religious dependably underpins each other with no benefit. At times a spouse is not giving consideration to you then might be many sorts of issue exist they are so initially attempting to watch that what truly going there.

We have arrangements with many issues which for the most part faces many couples. On the off chance that you are confronting an issue like beneath then beyond any doubt take a recommendation from us we will recuperate your issues by quranic ways.

Powerful wazifa To Make Your Husband To Respect You

This wazifa is only for that woman’s whose husband is noting giving the respect that she deserves. Wazifa to make your husband respect you are really working and a solid source to make husband respect you. As we always say that Allah Ta’ala had not made a woman to be the slave of men. The main issues with the woman are because we have thought that our society is male dominating. We were not happy to see women condition around us and that made us post this powerful Islamic wazifa so it can help our sisters.

Our motive is not only to give you a wazifa or dua and leave you to practice. Our Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji is a very gentle and a genuine person so if you don’t get desired results from this Islamic wazifa to make your husband to respect and love you then you can consult him. It’s very easy to contact him as the downside of your screen you are seeing an option to consult him on Whatsapp. Don’t ever hesitate to consult him regarding this dua to get husbands respect. He is always ready to help you in any problem of life.

According to a survey it has been seen that the reason behind most woman doesn’t get respect from his husband is a woman. That woman can be his husband’s wife or sister and sometimes it’s because of an illegal relationship. Dua for a husband to listen to his wife is the very intense solution to such problems. Here in this post, we are posting wazifa to make husband to respect you video. The reason behind a video is it’s easy to understand the wazifa video.

  • Get intense dua to bring a couple nearer.
  • If your husband does not listen then recite dua for husband to listen you.
  • If wife is not getting husband love then recite dua for husband to love his wife.
  • If you want to need your husband see only your side then recite dua for my husband to love me.
  • Get powerful dua to bring husband and wife closer.
  • Get strong dua for husband to love his wife in Urdu.
  • Get Islamic dua for my husband to love me.
  • Get Quranic dua for husband to listen in Urdu.
  • Get effective dua for husband and wife problems.
  • Get working dua for husband-wife relationship.
  • Get dua to gain husband’s love in Islam.
  • Get dua for husband and wife fighting.
  • Get solution by dua for a fight between husband and wife.
  • Use dua to make husband love wife.
  • Recite strong dua to solve problems between husband and wife.
  • Make dua to get husband love.
  • Use dua for husband to love you.
  • Get here dua to make my husband love me.
  • Use powerful dua for controlling husband.
  • Use quranic dua to make your husband love you.

Such a large number of sorts of dua are accessible here to comprehend your couple love relationship issues and beyond any doubt, you will get many advantages in the wake of worried with us. For controlling your better half, making dutiful/steadfast you can worry about us whenever. Allah Hafiz.