Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa

Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa, Apna pyar wapas pane ki dua, amal

Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa, Apna pyar wapas pane ki dua, amal ye sab tarike vo insaan istemaal kar sakta hai jo apni mohhabat ko pane mai kamyab na ho paya ho kisi bhi karan se.Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa, Apna pyar wapas pane ki dua, amal ye sabse jayaz or halal tarika hai apna khoya pyar vapas pane ka. ye wazifa hazaro baar azmaya hua wazifa hai bas apko jarurat hai niche likhi hue sari jankaari ko dhayaan se padhein or us par amal kare. ager is amal ko ap ek dum sahi tarike se karenge to apko Inshha Allah apka pyar jarur milega.

Ager apko Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa, Apna pyar wapas pane ki dua, amal poora padhne ke baad bhi apke maan mai koi doubt ho to ap bina der kiye mujh se rabbta kar lein mai apki madad karunga.

Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa


Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa

wazifa ko karne k liye jaruri saman

❥ 1 tambe ka sikka

❥ 1 kagaz

❥ ek safed mombati

❥ pen

❥ do khajur

❥ laal dhaga

❥ thode se chawal

Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa karne ka tarika

❥ Sabse pahle kagaz par apne or apne partner ka naam likhe

❥ Fir use jamin par rakh dein

❥uske upper do khazur rakh dein.

❥ Ab uske upper tambe ka sikkar rakh dein.

❥ uske samne mombati jala le.

❥ Ab thode se chawal hath mai le kar niche di gayi dua ko 151 baar padhe

allahumma layyin qalbi fulan ibne fulan kama layyintal hadida li syedina da’ud alayhis ‘salam’

❥ aab chawalo ko kagaz par rakh le.

❥ sara saman kagaz mai lapet le.

❥ Fir usko chorahe mai chod dein.

Apna pyar vapas pane ka wazifa ki jaruri jankari

❥ apne pyar ko vapas pane ka wazifa sirf jumme ki din karna hai.

❥ ek insan par do baar ni karna hai.

❥ wazifa ke bare mai kisi ko kuch ni bata na hai.

❥ ladkiya apne hez k din na kare.


Husband wife problem solution

Husband wife problem solution


Marriage is the biggest movement in everyone’s life. After marriage suddenly our life and our responsibilities changes. After marriage life changes at 180 degree angle. after marriage both husband and wife have to face so many problems . This precious relation comes with more and more responsibilities and individuals opportunities and expectations reaches to the heights . This expectations sometimes effects both of them and their relations. this creates problems in husband wife relation. Sometimes it may let them to divorce.

Husband wife problem solution wazifa

Husband wife problem solution wazifa is the wazifa which is 101% effective and examined many times by Molana Bakhtawar Ali ji this Husband wife problem solution wazifa will give you desired results for sure. wazifa is it self a form of dua to the allah tallah and Husband wife problem solution wazifa helps to solve problems between husband wife to save this beautiful relation to end. For doing this effective wazifa you need to take permission from the one of the best and famous astrologer Molana Bakhtawar Ali ji.

Husband wife problem solution dua

Dua for husband wife problem solution can be very helpful  to request allah tallah to solve your husband wife problem. Molana Bakhtawar Ali ji is expert in solving husband wife problem solution, dua to control husband mind, dua to get husband back after divorce, dua to get wife back after divorce you just need to contact him to get the exact dua regarding your problems.



Love problem solution

Love problem solution


We all know’s that love the best feeling which any one can get in his entire life. This is the precious gift of god given to the man kind. But the other fact is that love is full of complications like miss understanding, fights, loosing trust, cheating, back stabbing. and because of such issues peoples looses their love. After loosing their love they don’t likes anything else their behaviour towards other family and friends changes suddenly. they some times starts hurting themselves for no reasons. They wants that person whom they loved in their life at any cost.

Love problem solution wazifa

love problem solution wazifa is referred to reciting and practice some verses or phrases to get solution of love problem. Their is different type of love problem solution  wazifa‘s which used in different type of love problem . No needs to worry Molana Bakhtawar Ali ji will give you the exact wazifa which suites to your problems. If you are a muslim then you must be knowing that before starting practicing any wazifa you need to take permission from an amil expert. Don’t worry molana ji is the one of the most experienced and famous astrologer.

Love problem solution dua

 http://bestamalforlove.com/love-problem-solution/love-problem-solution/Love problem solution Dua is the best thing to request god to solve your problem. As if you are watching this post the this is very clear that you must believe in the powers of god. god is the one because of whom we are alive and living our life. if you believes in god then don’t worry because he never lets his child to suffer in their life. love problem is the basic problem among teenagers. You need to think one thing if you loved some one then it must the gods wish then don’t worry Molana Bakhtawar Ali ji is one of the very experienced astrologer and he knows the appropriate method to solve your love problem by convincing allah tallah to listen to your problem by making dua to allah tallah.



Divorce problem solution

Divorce problem solution


Now a days our world is developing very fast in the field of technology and inventions but the other fact of this development is now a day’s everyone is busy in their own life no one have time for each other. everyone is busy in making money to make their life happy and easy. But we have to know this thing that we can’t buy happiness from money. Because of  their busy schedule couples don’t have time for each other. and that is the major cause of divorce.

wazifa for divorce problem solution

The major issue which creates distance between husband and wife is time. They actually don’t have time to give each other and this can ruin everything and can bring this beautiful relation on the edge. Many times it had been seen this situation lets to divorce. I have and very effective and easy wazifa’s to read and practise to solve divorce problem easily. wazifa for divorce problem solution might take some days but will give you assure resluts.

Divorce problem solution Vashikaran

For this method we first need to know that what vashikaran actully means the real meaning of vashikaran is that vashikaran is a stong form of tantra mantra and black magic rituals. divorce problem solution vashikaran can use to control someones mind and heart. this method can also be used to solve divorce problem solutions.

Divorce problem solution dua

Dua for divorce problem solution is a request to the allah tallah to solve your issues. But there is so many methods by which we can make divorce problem solution dua to convenience allah tallah to listen to your situation and give you relief from this situation and one more thing we all are the kids of that most powerful aaallah tallah and we cant do anything against him. but one more fact is that he is always their to listen to our problems so we have to just convince him to help us. divorce problem solution can be done by dua it is the direct way to request the god to solve our issues.

For any problem regarding divorce or husband wife love you can contact to me any time i willl give you free advise and tell the methods to get your married life back to the track.


Get my ex love back by dua

Get my ex love back by dua

Islamic Dua to GET Your Love Back in three days may be a powerful and tried profit that provides you the lost love during a transient span with no extra toil on the piece of the regular means since it will and a lost love. it’s attribute that once we have someone within the space, we do not offer a lot of inclinations that stuff, but once we lost our important occasion in our life, we tend to Get My Ex Love Back By Dua lost a substantial live. this is often the purpose at that we’ve got love in our lives, then we tend to could not care less a lot of ne’er in our lives, since we tend to understand that it’s mine, and once we pass our fondness for the explanation for a couple of reasons, we tend to comprehend that, because itwas very important to our adoration in our lives. Recover my ex hold dear by Muslim dark enchantment spells for fondness is one among the foremost e.cient associated no-hit love charms back insidiousness enchantment that not simply guarantee their fondness by turning into the casualty of an insidious world, but keeps it for you entire life. Any hostile stare, terrible people or antagonism will not have the capability to harm your fondness relationship. you may have the capability to wear down the bigger a part of the fight or misjudging among solely you, during this manner feat insight to assume commendablebefore collaborating in warm contentions with associate enticing supporter.

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Dua for get my ex-love back – in your faculty, within the event that you just have associate supporter, and because itwere since the inept error to interrupt your relationship, then this fondness is capable to come to the mantra is verysturdy and fulfilling. As associate approach to induce back the love mantra you see compelling changes in your supporter, and also the supporter will come to their lives.

Dua for a lost love back Muslim Get my ex-love back by dua about lost love back is to convey you the energy to recover the adoration, nonetheless evacuate the terrible amount of your individual love. Dua not simply offer you with a perpetual account your separate sought after love, but to induce facilitate for tending to the quandary of fondness. Muslim dua is to convey y


ou the flexibility to induce the adoration keeps going a condition. it’d be human instinct from previous that within the event that someone close to United States, we will not allow the estimation of the person. we do not allow any inclinations that specific most precious things. we tend to ar perpetually unnoticedonce before our family, relatives and companions of people. In any case, how or another the individual is barred in to someone therefore of your unfortunate propensities as for. Around then, we tend to feel the real significance for that specific one. With the twosome you’ll get your lost just one occasion enjoyed what you saw.

Powerful Islamic Dua to Get or Bring Lost Love Back To do this, you would possibly wish associate Muslim authority Get my ex-love back by dua, that assist you to induce a extra chance wherever you’ll tell your feeling of missing cherished simply one. you’ll be able to get the simplest arrangement of your problems utilizing the scrutiny love Get my ex love back by dua . You know, sorting outintimate romance is that the most dificult enterprise during this world, since we’ve got no clue that is valid for folks. this is often simply one Muslim dua for adoration to assist you an excellent deal in having intercourse, because itcan meet all our dependable people throughout your life as per the conduct, character, in growth to feeling.

Illustrious Man to life all told conditions. Do you may need a real love that you just saw, you’ll be able to utilize the Muslim Get my ex love back by dua for adoration and you are bound to get real|a real} romance during a short live of some timesince this is often the combine provide help you get your genuine romance in regular assets, or during a detour, Muslim dua love life unendingly offer you some positive outcomes to support you.

Dua for Husband to Listen to His Wife

Dua for Husband to Listen to His Wife

You can arrive dua for husband to listen to his wife other and its exceptionally viable dua for a husband to listen to his wife painstakingly and adore him a considerable measure of. If any sister is facing any kind of issue with her husband then she can directly consult us. We will help you to improve your relationship with your husband and his family. On the off chance if your husband is not listening to you then utilize dua for my husband to love me. Its intense Islamic dua for a husband to listen to his wife. Commonly we attempt to discover best dua for a spouse to love me then for it you can use beneath dua which will work quick and prompt after some time you will get results.

You can start practising below dua for a husband to listen to his wife and love her for it this dua should be used for 41 times daily and must be used for 33 days. When you use then you should have to make dua for husband and pray to Allah for making everything good.

Dua for Husband to Listen to His Wife

Dua for Husband to Listen to His Wife

Dua is an awesome approach to send your issues to Allah to get solved. Above dua is viable to fathom your significant other spouse relationship related obstructions in Islam. In the event that your spouse is not loyal/faithful and you need to draw in your significant other towards you then it will conceivable with dua for a husband to tune in. Commonly a spouse is not listening to their significant other due it a wife not getting content with wedded life. You realize that a couple is a sweet bond which is given by Allah. Every last couple of Islamic religious dependably underpins each other with no benefit. At times a spouse is not giving consideration to you then might be many sorts of issue exist they are so initially attempting to watch that what truly going there.

We have arrangements with many issues which for the most part faces many couples. On the off chance that you are confronting an issue like beneath then beyond any doubt take a recommendation from us we will recuperate your issues by quranic ways.

Powerful wazifa To Make Your Husband To Respect You

This wazifa is only for that woman’s whose husband is noting giving the respect that she deserves. Wazifa to make your husband respect you are really working and a solid source to make husband respect you. As we always say that Allah Ta’ala had not made a woman to be the slave of men. The main issues with the woman are because we have thought that our society is male dominating. We were not happy to see women condition around us and that made us post this powerful Islamic wazifa so it can help our sisters.

Our motive is not only to give you a wazifa or dua and leave you to practice. Our Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji is a very gentle and a genuine person so if you don’t get desired results from this Islamic wazifa to make your husband to respect and love you then you can consult him. It’s very easy to contact him as the downside of your screen you are seeing an option to consult him on Whatsapp. Don’t ever hesitate to consult him regarding this dua to get husbands respect. He is always ready to help you in any problem of life.

According to a survey it has been seen that the reason behind most woman doesn’t get respect from his husband is a woman. That woman can be his husband’s wife or sister and sometimes it’s because of an illegal relationship. Dua for a husband to listen to his wife is the very intense solution to such problems. Here in this post, we are posting wazifa to make husband to respect you video. The reason behind a video is it’s easy to understand the wazifa video.

  • Get intense dua to bring a couple nearer.
  • If your husband does not listen then recite dua for husband to listen you.
  • If wife is not getting husband love then recite dua for husband to love his wife.
  • If you want to need your husband see only your side then recite dua for my husband to love me.
  • Get powerful dua to bring husband and wife closer.
  • Get strong dua for husband to love his wife in Urdu.
  • Get Islamic dua for my husband to love me.
  • Get Quranic dua for husband to listen in Urdu.
  • Get effective dua for husband and wife problems.
  • Get working dua for husband-wife relationship.
  • Get dua to gain husband’s love in Islam.
  • Get dua for husband and wife fighting.
  • Get solution by dua for a fight between husband and wife.
  • Use dua to make husband love wife.
  • Recite strong dua to solve problems between husband and wife.
  • Make dua to get husband love.
  • Use dua for husband to love you.
  • Get here dua to make my husband love me.
  • Use powerful dua for controlling husband.
  • Use quranic dua to make your husband love you.

Such a large number of sorts of dua are accessible here to comprehend your couple love relationship issues and beyond any doubt, you will get many advantages in the wake of worried with us. For controlling your better half, making dutiful/steadfast you can worry about us whenever. Allah Hafiz.

Wazifa to stop Divorce by Husband

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Wazifa to stop Divorce by Husband

Pati patni ka rishta duniya k kuch behtareen or khubsurat rishto mai se ek hai. Is rishte k bina kisi bhi insaan ka vans aage ni badh sakta aallah tallah ne ye pak rishta isi liye banaya tha taki har insan  k paas aisa koi khas insan hona chaheye jis se vo apne dil ki har baat bant saaake or us se mohabat kar sake.Wazifa to stop Divorce by Husband, How to Stop Your Divorce dua, amal. Par ek zayaz si baat hai do insaan ek jaise ho to bhi un mai jhaghda hota hai or ager alag alag ho to bhi jhagda hona zayaz baat hai aise hai kabhi kabhi ye chote chote jhaghde itne bhadh jate hai ki baat talaq tak pahunch jati hai.

Wazifa to stop Divorce by Husband

Aise mai talaq miya ya biwi mai ek ek jarur chahta hai ki talaq ko kisi bhi tarike se roka jaye or vo smjhta hai ki ager un dono k bich talaq ho gaya to dono kabhi kush ni rahenge aise mai aj mai apko ek Wazifa to stop Divorce by Husband batata hu isme chahe kitne bhi jahgde kyu na hue ho sab sahi ho jayega insha allah Powerful Wazifa to Stop Divorce ,” Divorce ko rokne ki lie ye amal bemisal ha aur hazar dafa ka azmaya hua ha ,ek kale bakre ka sadka den allah ke naam pe aur us ka ghost ghareebon me bant den ,us ke baad sura falaq o naas ka wird 1100 martaba subha sham jari rakhen divorce nahi ho ge aur mamlat thek ho ji ge.

Wazifa to stop Divorce by Husband, How to Stop Your Divorce dua, amal

To prevent the divorce of a couple first give a sacrifice of a black goat and distribute its meat to poor people. Then the affected person shall recite sura falaq and sura nas for 1100 times in the morning and evening. The possibilities of divorce will be eliminated.


Rohani Wazifa for Love between Husband and Wife


Roohani wazifa for love between husband wife

Nikah allah tallah k banaye pak rishto mai se ek rishta hai. par kabhi kabhi miya biwi mai kisi na kisi baat ko lekar manmutav ho jata hai jo dhire dhire bhadthta bhadhta itna jayada bhadh jata hai ki baat kabhi kabhi talaq tak pahunch jati hai or jayada tar india mai dekha gaya hai ki bhoot se khubsurat rishte talaq par aa kar khatam ho jate uske baad na to shohar khush rahta hai na hi biwi. ye dekha gaya hai ki talaq ka sabse bura asar miya biwi se jayada unki ulad par padta hai jinko na to dhang se apne walid ka pyar mil pata hai na hi uski walida ka. aisi mai un bacho ki jindagi bhi kharab ho jati hai. aj mai apko ek aisa Rohani Wazifa for Love between Husband and Wife bataunga jo parkha hua wazifa hai or insha allah is Rohani Wazifa for Love between Husband and Wife ko karne k baad talaq se bacha ja sakta hai.

This Rohani Wazifa for Love between Husband and Wife no one but ladies can do and just for a spouse.

Take 2 almonds and after Esha Salah place them in your mouth. On your tongue, not under your tongue.

Envision your significant other and read

Darood/Salavat 11 times

At that point read just this piece of Ayat no 39 from Quran chap 16, Surah Taha, 500 conditions such as this:

“Wa alkaito alika muhabba tan minni va le tus Na aa alainee”.

This is the last piece of ayet no 39. You will read just this part not the entire ayet.

Read it 100 times then take out the almonds and do a dam (blow) on them. Try not to clean them by any stretch of the imagination.

Set stitch back in your mouth and begin perusing once more.

On each 100 you will take them out and do a dam(blow) on them and set them back in your mouth. So in complete you will do a dam 5 times.

Rohani Wazifa for Love between Husband and Wife

When you complete the Rohani Wazifa for Love between Husband and Wife put them securely in a spotless bit of paper and wrap them. Again don’t spotless them regardless of how wet they are.

You will do this Rohani Wazifa for Love between Husband and Wife for precisely 5 days as it were. You will do a dam(blow) on same almonds every day.

Try not to expel the salivation from the almonds at all and don’t perfect them.

Following 5 days some way or another make him eat them. However, don’t place them in anything hot. Neither convey them close to flame.

Best is to cook something which is icy and put them inside it or inside anything sweet. He will begin to look all starry eyed at you immediately.

While perusing keep the importance of the ayet and your hajat in your psyche. That you need your better half to go gaga for you. You can put his photograph before you to enable you to envision his face.

If after this Rohani Wazifa for Love between Husband and Wife nothing happened, then it means there is black magic to break up your marriage. In that case you can contact me any time i will be happy to help you.



Shadi har premi jode ka sapna hota hai ki vo ek dusre se shadi ke rishte mai bandhe. Kabhi kabhi halat aise ho jate hain ki un ki ye khawaish puri ni ho pati jiske kafi karan ho sakte hain jaise ghar walo ki razamandi na hona ya kisi ek ka dusre ko dhokha de dena or kisi or se shadi kar lena. Kayi baar ye bhi dekha gaya hai ki log ghar walo ke dabav mai aakar ke shadi karne ko teyar ho jate hain aisi jagah jahaan vo shadi na karna chahte ho aise mai kayi jindagi kharab  ho jati hain. Ap ek dum sahi jagah aaye ho ager ap bhi kisi ki shadi tudvana chahte ho vo bhi Quranic tarike se.

Kisi ki Shadi Rokne ka Strong Wazifa kya ap kisi ki shadi todna chahte hain or ap har jagah koshish kar ke pareshan ho chuke hain. 24 HOURS MAI KISI KI SHADI ROKNE / TODNE KA WAZIFA mean is the inferred mean of divination and that is presented by us for the individuals who are not finding any arrangements of the issues. We drew nearer on the rundown of least complex imply that will empower the implementer with the forces of mesmerizing, implementer can coordinate the casualty with the satisfaction of his/her cravings and the objective individual have zero other decision as opposed to taking after that, this mean won’t make any weight for the objective individual, rather everything occur in his/her existence with the assent nothing will be unlawful or n’t ethic there since it is conceivable to alter the real considerations of mind and nourish it with relying upon your premises. We are getting the plenitude of Wazifa each is suited for your issues and dreams, regardless of whether it’s about the kisi ki shadi rokne ka Wazifa or different sorts of issues related for you to riches, cash or monetary issues you will be having in life. Whatever the issues you may be having in your life should be talked about around just and will likewise be imparted to the genuine precise Wazifa that will make your desire satisfied.

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Most of the relational unions happens in this general public are arrange marriage where couple of didn’t get much time to know 1 another, at some point the match is perfect and here and there the match genuinely isn’t right, if couple is encountering difficulity in their life then it’ll be going to aggravate the more drawn out term, and due towards sold stick the unstoppable force of life of society it’s exceptionally troublesome for anybody to get free from this bottleneck relationship, if your marriage swings to a bottleneck for you and you need to get isolated from your accomplice then you can absolutely make utilization connected with Shadi todne ka Wazfia, under the effect that every one of the inconveniences which are before you to oppose in the choices of separation will be naturally vanished. Shadi todne ka Wazifa wrapped the endless forces in itself, once it will be close by then you will ready to coordinate your accomplice for ones requests he/she can never deny for the genuine choices you purchased to him/her. To acquire this Wazifa alongside you, the main step you must cover is notice the test to us and your work is finished. Rest all will be finished by us and you must check the natural product from this mean.


Things are dependably not reasonable of human, now and then it will be troublesome for you to persuade somebody to stay association with a man and at some point it will be more confounded for getting break in marriage. In the event that you are amped up for a man who will be getting hitched with another person then prompt activities for 24 HOURS MAI KISI KI SHADI ROKNE / TODNE KA WAZIFA must be taken generally for the entire life you have regret for the choice. Certain things will dependably continue in cross examining in the section of one’s bliss, if that individual gets in association with another person or don’t wish to be in relationship alongside anyone then it’ll will be intense that you can make your marriage utilizing your cherishing one. On the same time on the off chance that he/she gets hitched with another person then it is conceivable to make the break inside of this occasion once if you be having the 24 HOURS MAI KISI KI SHADI ROKNE / TODNE KA WAZIFA alongside you, you will be taking your control over your affection (control somebody), you will taking your ownership over those individuals why should going take part in this marriage alongside effortlessly gain your control over the hooligans to persuade for making your relationship alongside him/her.


Apna Sacha Pyar Pane Ki Dua and Wazifa in Islam

Love marriages in Bharat are subjected to a variety of issues and toughies and couples gaga continually notice it difficult to win over their people for the alliance. In India, the Muslim community chiefly contains conservative-thinking families UN agency area unit generally vehemently against the concept of their kids going against their needs and marrying somebody out of their own can and selection. In several cases, the couples tend to prefer the connection and obtain married to somebody of their parents’ alternative. Indeed, it causes plenty of heartache and disappointment to each the partners once they don’t seem to be ready to marry to somebody of their dreams.

Sacha Pyar KO Pane Ke Tarike and Totke
However, you are doing not got to lose heart albeit you’ve got been facing plenty of hurdles in obtaining married to the spouse equivalent whom you’re keen on and respect the foremost. Sacha Pyar pane ki dua is thought to be a good and an awfully powerful tool and this can be simply one amongst the foremost reliable solutions from the assorted Sacha Pyar pane ke tarike that you just can bump into from completely different sources. after you approach any Maulvi or an Alim for Sacha Pyar pane ke upay, you may be radio-controlled with a variety of instruction, tips and things to follow if you actually wish Apna Pyar pane Ka wazifa to figure. Indeed, for any apna pyar pane Ka tarika to bring the specified results, it’s of utmost importance that you just follow all the procedures diligently as prescribed by the spiritual scholar and check that that you just keep solely smart intentions in your heart before beginning out with any apne pyar KO pane ke totke or wazifa.

Apna Sacha Pyar Pane Ka Tarika and Upaye in Islam

Needless to mention, Sacha Pyar pane ki dua or any Sacha Pyar pane ke tarike area unit a collection of rules, terms and conditions written to assist a distressed person notice peace with the lover of their alternative and obtain married to them with none hurdles or obstacles. With the correct and meticulously followed Sacha Pyar pane ke upay, you’re certain the see the specified ends up in a given amount of your time. As presently as you start with any apna pyar pane Ka wazifa, you must continually keep in mind that this apna pyar pane Ka tarika is getting used just for the supposed purpose and not for any unlawful or immoral purpose which will be prohibited by the Almighty. unneeded to mention, for any apne pyar KO pane ke totke to figure and show changes, it’s essential that the wazifa is enforced below the strict steering of a learned wazifa scholar. Such a nonsecular scholar ought to be within the right position to recommend you with the foremost powerful and instant effects wazifa that may assist you to get your love or if love has lost from your relationship or wedding, then it ought to assist you in transportation the peace and happiness into your making love.

When you area unit distressed together with your personal life, you may bump into several solutions and answers